Why WordPress?

July 20, 2020

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Did you know...

Over 1/3 of the ALL the world's websites are built with WordPress!

That's why it's surprising that there are still so many myths & misconceptions about WordPress!

By far, the most common misconception is:

WordPress is just a 'blogging' platform...

This is no longer true, although WordPress did start out like that...16 years ago, in May, 2003! WordPress has "grown up" since then and is now a fully-extensible & customizable website platform!

[FYI...the reference to "blogging platform" refers to personal -- not business -- websites that hobbyists use to document their topic of choice...often travel, lifestyle, food. Consider it like an online journal of sorts.A personal blog of this type is for sharing their chosen topic with the world, but without any intent on making any money from it.]

This WordPress myth is really doing a huge disservice to WordPress, because it has evolved...grown up...matured!

I'm obviously a huge proponent of WordPress -- after all, it's in the name of this website! -- and in this article I'll tell you why...and it has nothing to do with it's "global popularity!"

Why I Use ONLY Use WordPress!


It's FREE!

Now, FREE is always good, but to give you some perspective as to just how good this is, let's consider some common current website costs...

If you're new to building websites, you are likely to get "sticker shock" if you start pricing the cost of hiring out a simple, 5-6 page website... How does $3,500 sound? Do you just have that "disposable income" lying around? I know I don't!

And this cost is only for creating blank pages...zero content! It's also the starting price! It only goes up from there! Of course, "your mileage may vary" by location and general "labor costs," but this is on the low end nationally!

FREE in this case is a legitimate benefit!


It's "Open Source"

"Open Source" refers to the underlying code being made openly available globally...to anyone who wants to view and edit it.

It is also "non-proprietary," meaning it can legally be modified by anyone for their own and even commercial uses, such as building dedicated business solutions using WordPress.

Now, one of my BIG promises on this website is "code free" so the coding part may not seem relevant to you, personally.

However, as a USER of WordPress, it IS relevant! Open Source means there are literally thousands of people -- globally -- working to continually improve WordPress. Many of these people are voluntarily working on WordPress because they believe in both WordPress and the "open source" software concept.


It's Flexible & Customizable

Through the use of "add-ons" -- in the WordPress community these are referred to as "plugins" & "themes" -- you can build just about any type of website solution you need, from the simple to the complex.

For example:

  • A freelancer, selling an e-book or other digital products
  • A consultant booking appointments online
  • A writer selling books online
  • An educator offering online courses
  • A hotel, taking reservations online
  • A local government

And, many of the plugins are FREE! A lot of them also follow the "open source" model as well, which means the programmers building them are constantly improving them and making sure they are adhering to WordPress's strict security requirements.

"Out of the box" as it is installed by your hosting company, WordPress comes "plain vanilla" with minimal customizations built in. This is specifically so you can customize it to your exact needs.

And, as your business grows & evolves, any customization can be modified, changed, added to or deleted as needed. You are never "locked in" to just one "solution!" Total flexibility!


It's Easy to Learn & Use

If you can use a word processor, you can use WordPress!

Creating basic WordPress content is simple because of the familiar word processor-like interface...

See the screenshot below of the actual WordPress interface for creating the most common type of content, the "post."

New WP Post

"Create New Content" in WordPress. Example of familiar word processor-type interface. Just give it a title & start typing!


It's Efficient & Saves Time

Consider this scenario:

You need to change your phone number and address on your website...

Your website has hundreds of pages of content on it... 

No worries! 

With WordPress, you simply change the information in a single location (typically the header or footer for contact information), and it automatically updates the information across the entire website!

And...of course without any "coding!" That's my promise!

This seeming "WP awesomeness" is because WordPress is a true Content Management System (CMS). Unlike non-CMS websites, where each web page is a completely separate, discrete chunk of data, WordPress stores its content differently (it's in the WordPress database, if you're curious). When you update global information, it automatically takes care of the process for you...all behind the scenes and without any more effort from you than typing the changes!

Entire task: less than 1 minute!

And, in case you wondered...this editing efficiency is NOT limited to just changing simple information like phone or address. It applies to virtually everything on your website!

  • Need to add a bio of a new staff member? 
  • Change a photo?
  • Add a new product or service?

WordPress has you covered! Adding, editing or removing content is just as easy!


The "Hidden" Benefit...

The most important benefit is one that is largely transparent, something that novice website owners wouldn't even think about... (unless you've read my Manifesto!)


  • Over your entire website platform
  • Over all of your website content
  • Over all of your customer data
  • Over your own online branding

Now, this is SO important, it's one of the foundation principles of my business. I've dedicated an entire article to the subject, where I take a deep dive into why it's so crucial...

It's also the cornerstone of my Manifesto...

I hope the above 6 reasons have convinced you why I only recommend WordPress to solopreneurs like myself, and to small business owners as well.

However, in case you are still not convinced, consider the following two factors...

Technical Requirements

You only need these 3 services to start your WordPress website:

  1. An active internet connection wherever you plan to work on your website, be it at home or your place of business.
  2. Your own domain name...this is the "dot com" or the online name of your website or business. My domain for this website is codefreewp.com, as you can see in the address bar at the top of your browser window. (It's also referred to as "URL.")
  3. WordPress-specific web hosting. This service is provided by "web hosting companies" who rent out storage space on their "web servers" for your WordPress installation. And a bonus "awesome" -- most WordPress hosting companies install WordPress for you...for FREE!

You might think the above services are going to be expensive, but it's downright cheap (especially compared to other business expenses):

  1. For one thing, you likely already have an internet connection, so there would be no additional charges for that service.
  2. Domain names are "purchased" through domain registrars, and these prices vary widely. I currently only use & recommend NameCheap, since they have the best prices... Less than $10 for a year!
  3. WordPress hosting is similarly inexpensive, but again I only recommend one hosting company: SiteGround. They are highly trained in the technical aspects of WordPress, their customer support is awesome, and their price starts around $4/month!

Skills Required

Finally...let's talk about the "skills" required to benefit from all this WP-awesomeness!

You do need some basic computer skills, but the good news is...these truly are quite basic.

If you're already online...searchingresearching, or just "surfing" you probably already have the skills you need to get started!

You certainly don't need to know any kind of programming or "coding!" 

That's my promise to you, and a guiding principle of this website!

Over to You...

I hope I have answered any questions you may have had about "Why WordPress?"

WordPress truly makes DIY'ing your own website both affordable and practical.

  • It's extremely cost-effective, as I have demonstrated above...provided you follow my recommendations for domain reg & hosting
  • It's easy to use & learn
  • It's highly flexible and customizable, using the vast array of plugins & themes
  • You absolutely don't need to know any coding or programming! 
  • And...most importantly: it guarantees you have ultimate control over your website, branding & content

If you still have questions about choosing WordPress, please leave them in the Comments below! And if you found this information helpful, please consider sharing it!

Karen McCamy

I'm a WordPress Trainer & Coach, and believe that everyone should be able to build & maintain their own WordPress website... without having to learn complicated code!

WordPress democratizes online publishing and completely aligns with my values as a a Social Science major, with a degree in Anthropology.

WordPress enables everyone to build a custom & conversion-ready website.

When not teaching WordPress, I enjoy writing at my local coffee house, trying to wrap my head around black holes & multiverses, or relaxing at home with my 3 feline adoptees...

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