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Why joining the ranks of the self-employed can often feel like jumping off a cliff and not knowing how to swim! Learn my “4 Keys” to fast track your solopreneur success developed over my 20 years of solopreneurship.

Going Solo?

Did you know? Over 1/3 of the ALL the world’s websites are built with WordPress!
Learn why I only teach WordPress. In this article, I share my top 5 reasons for using WordPress… PLUS a hidden advantage you may never have considered!

Why WordPress?

Learn why “owning everything” is a founding principle of my business! In this article I explain exactly what you can own when taking your business online, and why it’s vital to the very life of your business.

Own It! — Why You Need to Take Control of Your Online Assets

Learn about the foundation “Building Blocks” of WordPress: what they are, why they are different and when to use them. Often confusing for beginners to WordPress, you’ll just how the Building Blocks work together to form a robust website platform!

WordPress ‘Building Blocks’

Part 1 of this Guide defines & describes the most common — but often confusing — marketing terms, and explains how & when to use each one. PLUS…visual examples help you to see how modern marketing experts use them and when…

Decoding Marketing Speak: A Guide for Non-Marketers

Sales and Marketing Funnels are critical to your business, even if you don’t know anything about them! Learn what they are and how to set them up on your website.

Marketing Speak: Sales & Marketing Funnels

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I've taught hundreds of students over the recent years in private, face-to-face classes. But there were still hundreds more who could not attend these classes for a variety of reasons: traffic, conflicts with work hours, child care problems, and more!

I'm currently customizing these classes into tutorials -- specifically designed for online delivery -- to reach anyone who wants to learn.

Check out my WordPress Roadmap to learn the best way to get started with WordPress... 

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