Mindset is Not Optional...or Trivial!

From engaging in self-sabotage...

     to your personal definition of "success" ...

          to your own concepts of self-worth...

               to facing debilitating procrastination...

Mindset is at the heart of these often-confounding & mysterious influences that can destroy your chances of having a viable business!

Learn to recognize common solopreneur obstacles and discover how others have vanquished them & surpassed personal and business goals!

What exactly is "Mindset?"

There's a lot of discussion around this topic in the last 18 - 24 months... (Hmmm... sparked by a global pandemic???)

The thing is...it's a very important topic and one that — once in the spotlight — is not going to simply go away.

Let's take a look at some "official" definitions...then I'll give you mine:

A person's way of thinking and their opinions

...a consistent pattern of thoughts about a specific topic...

These definitions — while clearly slightly different — at least get us in the same arena for an initial understanding of what we mean by "mindset..." We are all generally on the same page.

Everyone has a mindset!

It's how you view things, in all the different parts of your life.

The Importance of Mindset

Definitions and personal theories aside, the importance of Mindset cannot be understated or underestimated.

From Dr. Carol Dweck's definition  — as a psychologist, who has studied "mindset" extensively  — it's clear that 'a belief about yourself' likely has far-reaching impact into most of the areas of one's life.

From career...to relationships...to personal growth...to productivity, "mindset" certainly has a definite influence.

Getting Uncomfortable

Understanding your own mindset is not something that most people naturally tend to do, especially in our current fast-paced and hectic 21st century world!

It's also not something that is encouraged much in Western society (think "industrialized countries") because the emphasis is so much more on upward mobility, personal productivity and "getting things done" ever faster.

This is truly unfortunate, because we could all be so much more productive and far happier as a culture (and major portion of the industrialized world) if we took the time to stop and really embraced the concept of Mindset.

This is especially important for professionals & entrepreneurs (solopreneurs included), since understanding your own mindset can mean the difference between success & failure!

Responding to Challenges

Running a business will always present challenges! Understanding your own mindset toward challenges — and obstacles in general — will largely determine how you respond to them!

Obstacles - Zen Proverb
  • Will you cower in the face of a problem… or will you take action?
  • Will you give up & whine about how “unfair” life is? Or will you consider it an opportunity to grow & improve?
  • How do you perceive challenges? Are they “inevitable” & just normal part of being in business (and life)

Mindset” is a huge topic and has many layers!

Entire books & university courses & degree programs have been designed around the general topic (Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology…)

However, to keep it relevant & manageable for our purposes here, I’ll focus on a few specific sub-topics.

These are the Mindset sub-topics I have found useful for my own personal development and growth.

The following represent what I have personally found to be the most common areas of distress for most people — especially entrepreneurs & professionals — but it's certainly not an exhaustive list!

future planned topics

Personal Mindset

Business Mindset

  • A Better Approach to "Goal Setting"

  • Is 'work' a 4-letter word?

  • Doing your own "skills assessment"

  • Creating your business Manifesto

Productivity Hacks

  • Personal Productivity

  • Morning Routines

  • Gratitude

  • Daily Work Notes

  • Weekly & Quarterly Reviews

Popular & Effective Motivation Tools & Strategies 

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Don't know where to start?

Having a solid foundation is critical for constructing anything... from building a home to building your business!

A key — but often overlooked — component of establishing a strong foundation is Mindset. This includes several crucial areas: personal mindset, business mindset, focus & productivity, and tools & methods.

To get started, check out the featured post, "My Manifesto" below.

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