You've Been Lied to...

The antiquated concept of 'website traffic' is all wrong & largely fueled by social media pushing their useless 'vanity' metrics!

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I've taught hundreds of students over the recent years in private, face-to-face classes. But there were still hundreds more who could not attend these classes for a variety of reasons: traffic, conflicts with work hours, child care problems, and more!

I'm currently customizing these classes into tutorials -- specifically designed for online delivery -- to reach anyone who wants to learn.

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Vanity Metrics are Useless!

How to Strategically Invest Your Time in Authentic Marketing Strategies Instead!

  • Why 'likes' rarely equate to paying customers or clients!

  • Discover the single most efficient marketing stratey for solopreneurs

  • Build 'conversion' into your marketing from Day 1

  • How to create an audience of truly engaged fans who can't wait for your next post

SEO Research Processes & Tools That Actually Work

  • Discover the 'Fast Track to SEO' for Solopreneurs

  • Recommended KW Research Tools...that you can actually afford!

  • Understand the differences among popular SEO research tools  

Marketing Strategies for New Websites

  • How to 'read' your reader's mind

  • The secret strategy to cut your research time in half

  • How to sweeten your offers to increase conversion

  • Your #1 asset... are you doing this?

Content Marketing's Little Known Sibling

  • Benefit from 'Authority'

  • Look Like an expert in your niche!

  • The perfect content strategy for "non-writers"

Don't know where to start?

 Content Marketing the single most effective & efficient method for solo's ...without a research or editing team!

Knowing what to write when is a crucial key to successfully growing your audience!

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