Master WordPress Basics

Learn the essential foundation components of WordPress...& how they integrate with each other to create a robust & completely customizable website platform, so you can design the exact custom website you need! And...it's all Code-free and written just for beginners!

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What You'll Learn...

#1: WordPress PAGES & Posts

These are the basic "units" of WordPress content. Learn how they are different and when to use which type!

#2: WordPress Plugins

These "add-ons" are designed specifically for WordPress and add complete custom functionality to your website, making it uniquely yours! Learn how to find, choose, and install them.

#3: WordPress Themes

Themes control the overall appearance of your website -- from layout, to typography & theme colors! Learn how to find the best theme for your business, and how to evaluate theme quality... (Hint: poorly-coded themes can slow down your website!)

#4: WordPress Widgets

Widgets are like little "applets" that provide added information and benefit to your site visitors. They come in many "flavors" and some are bundled with themes. Learn how to use Widgets and see them in action!

#5: Page Templates

WordPress page templates are included with many themes and are designed to add specific functionality to your content. Learn how to discover which templates are included with a theme, and whether you need them for your specific website...

#6: WordPress Settings

Understand the optimal settings for a new website, and how to optimize the "Reading" and "Writing" experience. Learn how to protect your website with security settings.

Don't know where to start?

 WordPress the single most effective & efficient website platform for solo's ...without a research or editing team!

And you can create a beautiful & conversion-focused website without ever touching a line of code!

Check out the following critical foundation articles to learn how to get your WordPress business website off to a great start!


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